Patients IPD

Health tourism or therapeutic tourism (IPD)

A unit in the hospital whose task is to provide the necessary coordination in the provision of all services to foreign patients and patients with special services. The IPD serves as a counter for hospital communication with foreign patients from first contact to receiving treatment and returning to home and receiving post-operative care.
At the Thousand Hospital, it is the responsibility of the IPD physician to follow up any hospital-related healthcare service through the Department of International Patients.

the departmental services:
– The active presence of an IPD practitioner
– A presence of IPD experts for facilitating foreign affairs
– Active IPD Nurse
– Pamphlet introduces the hospital in English and Arabic
– Educational pamphlets translated into English and Arabic

– A guide to classes in English and Arabic
– Fast admission of foreign patients in clinics and doing paraclinical work
– Accompanying the patient during the treatment process from the moment of arrival until discharge and at the time of returning to his country
– Possibility of remote patient reception
– Provide patient care package before entering the country (by sending medical reports)
– Food menu 

Contact phone department of foreign patients at Toos Hospital:

Members of the IPD
Physician: Dr. Seyyed Alireza Arabi
Nurse: Ms.Elahe shahpouri
Expert: Ms. Arsineh Khodadadian
IT Officer: Ms. Elnaz Shirazian