Patients IPD

Health tourism or therapeutic tourism (IPD)

A unit in the hospital whose task is to provide the necessary coordination in the provision of all services to foreign patients and patients with special services. The IPD serves as a counter for hospital communication with foreign patients from first contact to receiving treatment and returning to home and receiving post-operative care.
At the Thousand Hospital, it is the responsibility of the IPD physician to follow up any hospital-related healthcare service through the Department of International Patients.

the departmental services:
– The active presence of an IPD practitioner
– A presence of IPD experts for facilitating foreign affairs
– Active IPD Nurse
– Pamphlet introduces the hospital in English and Arabic
– Educational pamphlets translated into English and Arabic

– A guide to classes in English and Arabic
– Fast admission of foreign patients in clinics and doing paraclinical work
– Accompanying the patient during the treatment process from the moment of arrival until discharge and at the time of returning to his country
– Possibility of remote patient reception
– Provide patient care package before entering the country (by sending medical reports)
– Food menu 

Contact phone department of foreign patients at Toos Hospital:

Members of the IPD
Physician: Dr. Seyyed Alireza Arabi
Nurse: Ms.Elahe shahpouri
Expert: Ms. Arsineh Khodadadian
IT Officer: Ms. Elnaz Shirazian

Prices List   


Dear patients
Welcome and thanks for selecting this center. The below list includes the center’s hoteling and treatment costs as well as the price of diagnostic services, all calculated according to the ‘Book of Relative Tariffs and Values of Health (Medical) Services’ notified by the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education in the year to March 2020.

Wish your health  and  Success

Managing   Director


R 60,866,000 Private Room
R 47,336,000 Double bed room
R 77,768,000 CCU Bed
R 121,714,000 NICU – ICU Bed
R 23,674,000 Baby Bed
R 33,812,000 Infant  incubator
R 6,760,000 accompanier
R 71,736,000 VIP
R 117,000,000 Suite (two rooms)