History of Toos Hospital

History of Toos Hospital
Specialized Toos Hospital has been in private ownership since the year 1355 with the aim of providing high-quality safe diagnostic services. The complex has two residential complexes with underground connection to another building.

A central building in 8 floors is located in an area of 1040 square meters with an infrastructure of approximately 8000 square meters and a building with a total area of 450 square meters with an infrastructure of approximately 3300 square meters in 8 floors, with two 25-car parking spaces in the center of Tehran in 2010 Was taken. The central building has four sections: the first floor of the women’s section, the NICU and the newborns, on the second floor: the internal and surgical and chemotherapeutic sections,

On the third floor are general and internal surgery. On the fourth floor: VIP section and nutrition unit, environmental health and professional care, medical equipment and quality improvement. The fifth floor of the CCU, the ICU, the Nursing Office, the Education and Safety Unit and the ICU resident physician, are on the sixth floor of the prayer house. At the floor of the school, the head of the hospital, the library and physicians’ room, accounting, affairs, human resources department, telephone center, laboratory, pathology, pharmacy, emergency and reception and information. On the floor of minus two: radiology and sonography, cinematography, laundry, linen delivery unit, wastewater treatment unit, waste disposal unit and oxygen unit, on the floor of a minus one CSR, operating rooms, delivery block and staff salon, and Doctors are located.

In the new building (building number 2), on the fifth floor: the office of the managing director and the conference hall with a capacity of 120 people; on the fourth floor also the conference hall for internal meetings and the clinic of neurology, on the third floor of the physiotherapy unit, on the second floor of the unit Audiometry, endoscopy and colonoscopy are in the first floor of pediatric, gynecological, pulmonary, heart, surgical, orthopedic, internal and digestive clinics and ……. on the ground floor of the medical record unit and the bank through the The corridor is linked to the old building in the minus two floor.

Hospital Capacity:
Currently, the Tous Hospital operates 110 approved beds as a first-class hospital in the ranks of one of the most well-known specialized medical and specialized centers in the country.
This hospital was established with the aim of improving the level of specialized and specialized care and health care services, taking into account the use of modern equipment and experienced and experienced personnel in a standard and peaceful environment to improve the quality of community health and provide the best possible patterns.